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About Emerge Surgical | Bariatric Surgeons

The Emerge Surgical Story

Emerge Surgical was founded in Perth by Dr Gordon Padovan following his return to Australia in 2005. His goal was to build a practice that would provide a premium level of care to patients contemplating Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery.

Emerge Surgical originally set up practice in Rockingham near Perth with surgery performed both at Waikiki Hospital and The Mount Hospital in the center of Perth. However as his patient base grew a second set of consulting rooms were set up at The Mount Hospital.

Emerge Surgical has grown such that we now operate on hundreds of patients each year and manage the long-term care of thousands of men and women who have undergone various bariatric and lap band surgery operations.

The Emerge Surgical approach to Obesity Surgery

A key to the success of Emerge Surgical has been strategic planning that is undertaken with each individual. There is no “single fix” that will treat all patients. The management team must determine what is the right course of action for that person given his or her personal set of circumstances.

Obesity surgery is only performed on those people who have been carefully screened to ensure that this is their best option for weight loss. A thorough consultation is made for the patient. This allows the team to understand the patient including his/ her medical history and their desires from surgery. This time also allows our professionals to carefully explain the risks and benefits of surgery.

Whether or not surgery turns out to be the answer, every effort is made to find the appropriate solution for the patient. All surgical and non-surgical options require significant dietary and lifestyle changes for long-term weight loss success. That’s why Emerge Surgical has a qualified team of dietitians and other health professionals to help patients maintain their goal weight.

An integral part of our follow-up care is the elimination of unsightly and troublesome excessive skin that is often a byproduct of weight-loss. Depending on the patient, cosmetic improvement can be brought about by various surgical procedures. These include lap band surgery, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), brachioplasty and thigh reductions. Dr Padovan performs all of these procedures.

Thousands of people have succeeded in achieving sustained weight loss with Dr Padovan. The rewards are high. Weight loss brings with it hope of a longer life with more energy and increased self-confidence.

If you, a friend or family member are considering surgery to help with weight loss, why not make an appointment to talk with Emerge Surgical to find the right option.

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